Vanessa Brown

Are you looking for mentoring, guidance, direction or strategies to live the ultimate life?


Vanessa’s sessions assist you in achieving your own personal goals. Be Inspired and Motivated, feel empowered in all areas of your life to Live the Ultimate Life in every way!!

Together we…

*Discover your unique traits, strengths & challenges
*Assess your lifestyle, health and habits
*Review past experiences (childhood, grief & loss, relationships)
*Reveal and further understand beliefs and innate traits
*Understand influences in your life

Image1-EditYou will….

*Take charge of the way that you think
*Incorporate gratitude, accountability, goals
*Modify Diet, lifestyle, activity
*Practice mindfulness, relaxation, leisure activities

You’re all set for…

Opportunity to achieve your dreams
Fulfilling relationships
Contentment & Happiness
Healing and understanding around grief and loss
Eliminate Health challenges, ailments and illnesses
Have the energy, vitality and motivation every dayFreedom from Stress, anxiety and worry


Vanessa’s intuitive abilities, sensibility to help others and instinctive understanding assists to provide guidance, direction and coping strategies through her unique coaching sessions.


Ultimate Life™ Coaching Sessions allow you to completely be yourself in a relaxed, uninhibited environment. You are free to talk about you and your challenges, fears, goals, health, lifestyle, relationships, grief & loss, desires, hopes & dreams.

VANESSA BROWN is a motivational coach and inspirational counselor with more than 30 years of experience managing highly effective teams and supporting senior executives in complex corporate environments. She is a certified Intuitive Counselor and Therapist with Toni Reilly Institute, bringing positive energy and transformational power to diverse people and organizations. Find out more about Vanessa here.

Each session is unique, Just like you.

Live the Ultimate Life in every way!

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