Vanessa Brown

My journey of self-discovery and self-awareness truly began more than 10 years ago when I realised my intuitive insightful gifts. A corporate career woman and mother juggling life in the fast lane, I was busy living, working and trying to manage some balance, I was living life in the fast lane. That is how I liked it or so I believed at the time. 

I have been gifted with real optimism and natural intuitive abilities which combined are extremely powerful. Ultimately though it has been the ability to manage my thoughts and learn and grow through my own unique experiences that has helped me cope with some very challenging life experiences. We are all unique, on our own unique journey, all the ups and downs, the good and the bad, this is LIFE.


In 2012 my Mum was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer – she was 74. She had a mastectomy which at the time for her seemed the only option (I know now that she struggled with this terribly afterwards). My mum had many health challenges all of which were being managed so we thought. Very suddenly in June 2013 my Mum passed away from heart complications. She was due to have an operation to rectify this but it was left too late.

After Mum’s breast cancer I went to get a mammogram only to be diagnosed with early stage breast cancer myself. I had 3 lumpectomy operations and now I am all clear.

The week before my Mum passed away in 2013 my eldest brother (I am the youngest of 5) was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. He was given 12 months. Almost exactly 1 year later in the same month of June 2014 my eldest brother passed away.  My brother was unable to attend my Mum’s funeral as he was in hospital awaiting the removal of his brain tumor.  It breaks my heart still to this day the grief my brother suffered unable to have closure with the loss of our Mum.

I have experienced extreme grief and loss which still carries a very heavy load at times and is difficult to explain as this is my grief and loss experience.  I can however explain how I coped with these traumatic events.

My coping strategies were not always so good as during the time of my relationship breakdown I initially developed Ulcerative Colitis (from emotional stress) and have had many flare ups during the past 6 years which found me very unwell with debilitating symptoms. My condition is now being managed and I have taken charge of myself on my journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. This journey is ongoing and I choose to live the Ultimate Life™ completely being myself with more understanding, coping strategies, awareness and mindfulness.


I am very blessed to work in this dual arena now and I gain enormous satisfaction helping people onto the path to an Ultimate Life™ through innovative Motivational Coaching, Recruitment and Career Advice. 

With more than 30 years experience in the corporate arena as a Recruitment professional I understand the stresses and challenges of this world and the juggling game we play to live a balanced happy life.  My insight and experience with people at all levels is invaluable to the work I now do.

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