“I first met Vanessa in a working environment but we soon become friends.  At that time in my life I was experiencing some intense stress because of a marriage breakdown.  Vanessa was a very calming influence for me and was aware of my state of mind.  Vanessa had a ability to understand my challenges and work through them in a non judgemental way.  I always felt comfortable opening up to Vanessa.  I must say that Vanessa not only help me work through my troubles at that time but also taught me valuable lessons about how to look at life and what it throws at you from time to time.  I am grateful for meeting Vanessa and value the connection we still have today”.       Alan Hayes – Mackay



“Vanessa is warm and intuitive and has great empathy and emotional capacity to be with you in a very insightful way.

Dealing with wavering self-esteem, uncertainty, trusting and believing in myself, Vanessa helped me to see that I was holding on to limiting beliefs that are holding me back, and to trust in the universe more. I have more faith in my own abilities, and not settling for situations and relationships that no longer serve me, I am more true to my self and my values and more selective about what I will tolerate from others and situations.

Vanessa is very trustworthy, and has been on her journey of transformation herself, she understands that making change is hard, but settling for less that you deserve is worse. I understand more about facets of myself from being with Vanessa who reflects and counsels with my best interest at heart”.     Steph Bennett – Twin Waterss


“Vanessa is Fun and funloving, but a professional & committed team player.  I was very new to the recruitment industry, I lacked knowledge,  Vanessa was always available to coach, teach and support me.  Be yourself, be open, honest and be professional in your work, Vanessa tells it as it is, respect follows.

Love her to bits, have really enjoyed working with you, and your friendship that evolved and lasted, lasting test of time….still”.  Kim Martin – Townsville


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